Early Concepts DOTPOTA 2012

inspired by Cormac McCarthy

Quick Sketch artist 
 Plein air painting
Digital Teaching-20 years Photoshop CS4, Illustrator, Sketchup, Maya , Cinema 4D, After Effects CS4, ZBrush

Mon Boutique 2007
Hotel Transylvania development

Mi Hao calendar TAG

The Animation Guild 2013 Calendar page

Floaters 2013 concept

  Avengers 2011

Some old stuff... A>

still fresh in my mind--- The Avengers

Coffeehouse inspirations IV
ink sketches gone digital

Manga Studio renders

Manga Studio portrait 3013

Uninsured Motorists!
ZBrush Studies

Ape'n 4

Manga Studio Sketch
WIP 2013

Crenshaw Shuttle Crossing

I caught the Space Shuttle parked in Leimert Park after an afternoon with family--amazing scale against the surrounding store fronts

Diving Channel Islands, California

Enchanted Ballroom MasterShot Concept
Whitewater 2006 -


Photoshop CS5

I am a professional Concept Designer, Storyboard Illustrator and Art Director-self taught and traditionally trained at Walt Disney School of Animation - In addition to years in the Animation Industry in several roles, I was a Creative Partner and Associate Art Director at a Venice, California Show Design company for 6 years, also working in Game design and Interactive storyboards for Activision Studios.